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Type of Volunteers

Benefits of Volunteering

Work experience, fundraising experience, marketing/promotions experience, grant-writing experience. Referrals, letters of recommendation, college required volunteer hours, community service recognition, etc will be offered if needed or requested. Some responsibilities will turn into salaried career opportunities with Christina-Alfrerdon Career Training & Job Placement.

Volunteers for CACT

Grant-writing Dept
Are you experienced in grant-writing or looking for a way to gain experience in this area? This may be the group for you! We are looking for volunteers who can help us solicit funding from corporations and other organizations to support the school.  APPLY TODAY!

This group’s primary focus is to help with finding and applying for grants that fall within the service focus areas of Christina-Alfrerdon. Please help us find out what information is specifically requested for by the foundation/corporation, and help gather the information needed to comply with their grant guidelines.

Corporate Sponsorships/Donations
Many organizations give back their communities in many other ways. We would like to set up partnerships with these entities to help make servicing our clients easier, and with providing products and services that would assist in the success of our fundraising efforts.  APPLY TODAY!

We are looking for people who support the mission of Christina-Alfrerdon wholeheartedly, and desire to see significant change in our communities. These persons are willing to contact Corporations and other businesses to ask them make donations to CACT (a non-profit organization). We would need to find out what their guidelines are for giving, and submit the requested information in order to receive funding from them. This entails making calls, mailing info packets, etc.

Local Organizations/Businesses/Schools/etc.

This group is similar to the Corporate Sponsorships group, however they will focus on local business and organizations who wish to partner with the school. Partnerships include student referrals, local donations and services. This group will also be making calls and possible face-to-face visits. APPLY TODAY!

We wish to spread the word about CACT through many traditional and non-traditional avenues. These would be word of mouth (flyers/posters/brochures), radio/tv public service announcements and community calendars, online promotions, press releases, and social networking websites. We need people who can assist us with each marketing campaign, and dedicated individuals who can maintain our social networking pages (facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin). We hope to keep a conversation going about related issues and how CACT will make a significant change in our communities. We also want to develop fans who will not mind receiving text messages and email updates from us through Constant Contact email marketing service.  APPLY TODAY!

Stepping Into Health Volunteers

Soliciting Other Volunteers
This group’s primary focus is help recruit additional volunteers. We have many resources we desire to tap into and need help in getting the word spread about this fundraising opportunity. Methods: Word of Mouth, Public Service Announcements on radio/TV, Flyers, Posters, Online, Social Networking, etc.  APPLY TODAY!

Soliciting for Participants
The Stepping into Health Challenge will have 60 participants max. We need people to help with the process of getting people to apply, be interviewed, and selected to become a motivated participant in the challenge. APPLY TODAY!

Soliciting for Corporate Sponsorships of the Program
The costs of the program and the materials needed by each participant will be funded by corporate sponsorships. This group will focus on acquiring this sponsorship focus along with other goods and services that can be rallied/given away at the kick-off/finale/iron-man challenge events. This group will also solidify the grand prizes for the Stepping Into Health challenge.  APPLY TODAY!

Volunteers for Weekly Meetings
We need people who can commit to attending the weekly group meetings. This group will help register the participants in recording their progress, administering awards, serving snacks, and keeping the crowd motivated! This group may also need to make motivation/follow-up calls throughout the week to our participants.  APPLY TODAY!

The Finale Program Volunteers
The finale dinner will showcase the achievements of all our participants, and announce the winners of the challenge. Different special awards will be given out. We need the Finale team to volunteer in various areas to help make this event a success: servers/waiters, award givers, ticket collectors, greeters, decor set up/break down, etc.  APPLY TODAY!

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