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Workforce Development

The Professional Development and Career Training for Adults & Young Adults curriculum provides the training and coaching necessary to assist clients with cultivating skills that will help them excel within a professional environment. This program identifies the clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps to increase their knowledge in the areas of business technology, leadership skills, professional behavior, written/verbal communication, business ethics, team functioning skills, and critical thinking/ problem-solving skills. This program may be used to supplement specialized college degree programs, and it provides hands-on training through job shadowing, internship opportunities, and job placement.

Developing Your Workforce

In today’s competitive marketplace, a successful organization must have an effective workforce to help facilitate that success. The team is comprised of “well-rounded” employees that not only possess the job-specific technical skills, but also the foundational “soft skills” that enhance their own professionalism and makes them valued-assets of the company. Unfortunately, it has become difficult for employers to find such employees, or to maintain the right balance of competence, confidence, and cohesiveness within their existing workforce.

The Professional Development and Career Training for Adults & Young Adults
Our mission is to provide workforce development, career training, and professional development for our clients. We start with a skills assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses, then mentor/coach them through the curriculum to make sure they get the most out of the program. The training our clients receive from these courses will often result in greater job efficiency, enhanced team collaboration, leadership skills, improved professionalism, and better communication skills—all foundational qualities that are needed to build the confidence, competence, and cohesiveness needed to create an effective workforce.

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