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Professional Development

The Professional Development and Career Training for Adults & Young Adults curriculum provides the training and coaching necessary to assist clients with cultivating skills that will help them excel within a professional environment. This program identifies the clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps to increase their knowledge in the areas of business technology, leadership skills, professional behavior, written/verbal communication, business ethics, team functioning skills, and critical thinking/ problem-solving skills. This program may be used to supplement specialized college degree programs, and it provides hands-on training through job shadowing, internship opportunities, and job placement.

Why Professional Development?

In order to succeed in today’s job market, you must have more than textbook knowledge in order to get ahead. If you are serious about pursuing job stability and increased opportunities for career advancement and promotions, you must consider developing your professional and employability skills. These skills are the universal qualities most employers look for in addition to any job-specific technical skills. Professional development is a continuous process, and the stronger you are in this area, the greater your success in the workplace!

The Professional Development and Career Training for Adults & Young Adults
Our mission is to cultivate your professional development with specialized training and workplace experience. We start with a skills assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses, then mentor/coach you through the curriculum to make sure you get the most out of the program. The training our career development clients receive from these courses will often result in greater job efficiency, enhanced team collaboration, leadership skills, improved professionalism, and better communication skills—all qualities that lead to career advancement and higher salary potential! The curriculum also includes hands-on job training experience. This is especially beneficial for those who are entering into the workforce for the first time, and those who desire to change their careers. Each experience (job shadowing, internships, and job placement) allows our clients greater opportunity for application of the skills they learn, and a more fluid transition into the workforce.

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